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Working with Nugent’s Senior Management Team we developed a clear and robust Strategic Plan to assist them in planning for the future. Using extensive insight and engagement, we co-created and worked together with suppliers and the team to deliver a rebrand.

How was it for them?

We worked with the team at Bread Media on our Rebrand and Strategy development project in 2016.

Bread Media brought extensive expertise and knowledge to the project, the time they dedicated to discovering who we are and what we do through research, conversations with staff and service users and our peers in the care sector had a big impact on changing our viewpoint, providing clarity and expanding our understanding.  

They were open, honest and supportive, but also passionate about our work and what we were trying to achieve. They embedded themselves in the organisation and where able to really understand what we needed. They helped us to be bold and brave about change.

The outcome for us is a new brand that is not only bold and ambitious, but that we are proud of, a brand that has helped us walk tall with confidence in our mission.

We have developed strategy that is clear, robust and flexible, born out of extensive research and understanding of our business, our aims and objectives, and where we want to be in the future.  

We have had excellent feedback on our rebrand, raised our profile in the sector, increased income through strong and clear strategy development, opened up new initiatives, improved cohesion across Nugent and instilled renewed confidence in our partners, supporters, staff and service users.

The team at Bread Media are exceptionally passionate about what they do, they understand complex organisations, they bring insight, knowledge and clarity to their work, and most of all they care!

Mike James
Marketing & Communications Manager Nugent